Prison Ministry

prinson ministry
Prison MInistry
Howard & Babs Smilth
Tom & Donna Moore
Suzie Davis
Trinity’s Prision Ministry is one very active church ministry. They are on the road about 34 of the 52 weekends a year. Their destinations include St. Marys Correctional Institution, Huttonsville Correctional Institution, FCI Gilmer, FCI Morgantown, and FCI Hazelton. At three of these institutions, there are multiple services, including a women’s facility at Hazelton.
The Prision team currently has 5 members: Tom Moore, worship leader and soloist, Donna Moore (Tom’s Wife) who sings in the group numbers and sometimes coordinates meals or other events, Suzie Davis, who is prayer warrior for the teaam & sometimes teaches, Babs Smith, soloist and exhorter, and Howard Smith, who is leader of the group, preaches and teaches.
All of the members of the prision team have been doing prision ministry for over 20 years and have a burden to see inmates come to Christ. The Prison System will try to rehabilitate them; but they believe that true, lasting change can only come through the transformation they recieve through Christ and His Word. They are thankful to be able to share God’s Word with hundreds of inmates every month. Although they are behind bars, they know that “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed”.

The prisons we go to range from Minimum Security (FCI Morgantown) to Maximum Security (the Pen at Hazelton), so we deal with a wide variety of inmates.  Our burden is to take a message of Hope & Love to these men, many of whom have lost their way; and help them find their way to the cross.  We know that most of these inmates will eventually be released back into our society, and only Jesus can change them and make them new men.  We see many 1st-time salvations and rededications to the Lord during the services.  We also see many “hungry” men growing in the Lord and in the power of His might.

We trust God for His protection and provision for us, since we are going into some very dangerous places; and we covet your prayers for our ministry.  Also, we truly appreciate how Trinity Assembly of God supports us and backs us up.  If you feel led by God to be a part of this ministry, please contact the church office.
We Appreciate you Prayers.
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