TWFA Worship

Trinity Worship and Fine Arts
Trinity’s Worship Leader Jeff Nichols
and his wife, Heather. 
Trinity Assembly of God’s worship ministry exists to encourage expression of our love to God, while supporting growth in our relationship with God and telling others about God. TWFA is a group that experiences life together, in an environment where they find faith, peace, encouragement, and family.  


Throughout the year, worship is led by TWFA’s Praise Team.  Twice a year, TWFA expands its ministry to include a full choir, band, drama and dance team that join efforts to produce  Christmas and Easter productions on a larger scale. 

The Worship and Fine Arts Ministry is here to support and enhance all the ministries of Trinity with quality dramatic, video and musical production. Our goal is to make available to these ministries the same high level of artistic excellence that is experienced in our worship services.