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Celebrate Recovery

"Freedom from hurts, hang-ups, and habits"

Tuesdays | 6:30PM

Trinity Youth Area


Large Group:        6:30 – 8:00     

(Worship, Personal Testimony, 

Teaching, and Chip Service)


Open Share: 8:00 – 8:30     

(Small Group Breakouts)


Refreshments: 8:30 – 9:00


Gar Cummings  |

Dean Hunter  

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What Is Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt,

pain, or addiction of any kind. It is a safe place to find community and freedom from issues.

Most of us struggle with something that interrupts our relationship with God and others.

All of life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups are addressed through this one curriculum.

If you have anything that hinders your relationships, personal growth, or your walk with God,

you can benefit from Celebrate Recovery by finding the support and help you need.

What is a Hurt, a Hang-up, a Habit (3H)?

It is something that is stealing the peace God intended you to have.


Hurt — Emotional reactions to another’s behavior or a disturbing 

             situation (abuse, abandonment, co-dependency, divorce,

             relationship issues, etc.).


Hang-up — Negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with

                   people or adversity (anger, depression, fear,

                   unable to forgive, etc.).

Habit — An addiction to someone or something 

              (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex,

              shopping, smoking, etc.).

Is Celebrate Recovery For Me?
You may be thinking that recovery is just for those who struggle with drugs and alcohol.
We’ve found that less than one-third of the people attending CR struggle with chemical dependencies.

Can you answer YES to any one of these questions?

  •  Have you been hurt by others?

  •  Do you struggle with poor self image?

  •  Do you yearn for others approval?

  •  Are you a people pleaser?

  •  Do you struggle with fear of confronting others?

  •  Do you struggle with depression, isolation, a lack of trust?

  •  Do you find your only true identity in your work?

       Spending too much time there?

  •  Is your marriage in jeopardy?

  •  Are you divorced?

  •  Do you struggle with lust?

  •  Do you struggle with Pornography?

  •  Do you seek comfort through food, alcohol or other substances?

  •  Are you a survivor of physical, emotional or sexual abuse?

  •  Is a current friend or relative struggling with an addiction


If you answered yes to these, Celebrate Recovery is for you. CR is not for “those other people.”

It’s for you and me! “We all have sinned, we’ve all fallen short, we’ve all been hurt, and we’ve all hurt others.”


Everybody needs recovery and Celebrate Recovery offers a safe place to fellowship and learn from others with real-life struggles. Join us on this journey. Come as you are. Go home forever changed.


If you are currently struggling, reach out to us.

The Issues

As was stated earlier, we all have hurts, hang-ups, and habits .
You may know what yours are, or you may just feel broken and know you need God’s healing power
in your life. The file links below are downloadable PDFs for you to use as resources.
Click the corresponding PDF logo to download the file.

Adult Children Family Dysfunction


Chemical Dependency


Codependent Women Sexually Addicted Man

CR 12 Steps Outline

CR Basic Overview

Family Recovery Transition

Family Welcome Home After PTSD

Food and Body Image

Gambling Addiction

Love and Relationship Addiction

Men Situation Abuse

Mental Health

Mixed Issues

Sexual Addiction

Welcome CR Intro

Welcome Home After Sexual Trama

Women Situation Abuse

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